Monday, 3 November 2014

Family portrait...

So one day in the summer time I was thrown into my carry cage and taken out to the car. I fort I was going to the V-E-T again, but nope, I got taken into the big town for a day running around a different house.

Mummy tricked Daddy AND me into going to the foto studio. Mummy's idea was to have family piktures. My idea woz to run around as fast as possible misbehaving. I even got toys to play wiv and treats to eat!

I played at the top of the stairs...under the the the shop the office bit...but I DIDN'T play in front of the camera!

After a lot of chasing (I won) Mummy decided she was exhausted and Daddy said somefing 'bout needing a holly-day and that the day had gone as well as could be expected, I decided to sit still for exactly twelve-ty nine seconds and got mine posh foto taken.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I am BACK!

So the stoopid mummy gotted new technologys and couldn't get my blog to work so I haff a million stories from the summer to tell everybody who will listen.
I spent most of the summer playink in the garden, sometimes I stayed out ALL night and just comed back in the window for foods. I haff defended my castle well, and now nobody comes in to steel my noms. There woz a fox in the garden one night (I chased it away) then another night there woz a badger and I chased that away too! The kingdom is all mine! MINE! (Though I still haff to share the end of the street a little bit wiv Tommy and Chloe)...
I'll fill you in on more adventures next time - right now I has a LOT of blogger friends to catch up wiv :)

Monday, 14 July 2014

Lunch statistics

Number of times....

Mummy has come home from her new work to have lunch wiv me : 15

I haf been at home waiting to have lunch wiv mummy : 8

Mummy has shared her turkey sammich wiv me : 4 (this needs to be improved)

I haf met mummy at the corner of the street wiv a mousie wiggling out of my mouff  : 2

I haf caught mummy stroking Tommy : 1 (he had better watch out, rubbing his stinky face on MY moms legs is out of order)

I haf still been in bed asleep in the same position as when mummy left for work : 5

I haf had lunch ready for mummy when she gets in : 1 (see photo below)

Friday, 27 June 2014

Mousies, mousies everywhere!

So...this week I has been in trouble for throwink a live mouse at mummy (she is a RUBBISH catcher) and bringink back a dead one and eating it on the lawn. Honestly, I can't win....what does she WANT me to do wiv dem?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

A bloggers return...

Well, I feel very sad that mummy hasn't helped wiv my blog in ages but we have had a tough few weeks...first, poor Analise the grey lady kitty died from poorly kidneys. Then the next week my kitty buddy Rodney was taken ill while we were playink at kitty Chloe's house, Chloe's humin ran to get Rodneys humin but it was too late, poor Rodney died too. So we are two kitties down for play times now.

On top  of this, mummy got her new job (hurrah) but her old boss won't pay her moneys so she has had to get a solicitor to make him cough up. Mummy's new job is only a sneeze away - it takes 4 minutes to get there which means she can come home for lunch wiv me!

It is lovely & warm now, I want to be outside ALL the time! Mummy has decided that as I am now so good at climbing up the house & the weather is so good she will leave the bedroom window open for me all night so I can come & go as I please. So far this arrangement is working out well...

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Do I really need a new bag?

Mummy seems to fink she needs anuffer trip to New York. She broughted me a huge Macy's bag last time which I haf played in for AGES. I fink it is still in tip top condition and she doesn't need to go all that way for a new one - actually, I have made some improvements to it...
I can still hide in it....see! 
I even put in spy holes...this is the best bag in the world!!!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Put that dirt back on my face!

I like it when the sun is shiney cos the soil is dry and warm and I like to roll over and over and over in it. The only problem is when I gets home the hoomins always try to cleans me. It takes me AGES to build up a nice amount of dirt on my furs....
 This is the dirt mummy rubbed off one of my ears and my forehead. I miss it. It was keeping me cool. Put it back.

Here I am looking less than impressed after getting wiped wiv the nasty flannel. What's wrong wiv a bit of dirt anyway? I fink it highlights my cheek bones...