Monday, 3 November 2014

Family portrait...

So one day in the summer time I was thrown into my carry cage and taken out to the car. I fort I was going to the V-E-T again, but nope, I got taken into the big town for a day running around a different house.

Mummy tricked Daddy AND me into going to the foto studio. Mummy's idea was to have family piktures. My idea woz to run around as fast as possible misbehaving. I even got toys to play wiv and treats to eat!

I played at the top of the stairs...under the the the shop the office bit...but I DIDN'T play in front of the camera!

After a lot of chasing (I won) Mummy decided she was exhausted and Daddy said somefing 'bout needing a holly-day and that the day had gone as well as could be expected, I decided to sit still for exactly twelve-ty nine seconds and got mine posh foto taken.


  1. That's a great foto, Winston. We don't think we woulda sat for that long ourselves. ;)

  2. Great photo, you are handsome.

  3. So you really gave them a run for it, Winston? The posh photo is nice, though!

    The Chans

  4. Gosh, how did I miss this post? Winston, you look marvelous! Happy New Year!